About Till Capital


Founded in 2007 with headquarter in Shanghai, Till Capital is a venture capital institution focused on early start-up companies. We concentrate on excellent enterprises in their start-up or early growth period in regard to Artificial Intelligence Technology, Internet Consumption,Medical Health,Interactive Entertainment, Education and other industries.

Our partners are experienced investors and outstanding entrepreneurs. We are able to to help start-ups form a complementary team. Besides, by understanding the needs of start-ups at different stages, we know how to make them grow fast from various angles.

The investment philosophy of Till Capital is that only real excellent practitioners who stick to dreams could establish truly grand company. Till Capital makes every effort to follow the trend of technology & business, to return to the nature of business, and to help entrepreneurs improve product experience and solve consumer pain points. We seek after ambitious, high-value and perfection.

What we believe is that Focus Leads Success.