Till Capital  

Till Capital is absorbed in investing those innovate enterprises and entrepreneurs from 0 to 1 with a great dream to change the world. We provide them with resources such as capital and talents. We would love to grow up together with the start-ups and create long-term value for the society.

Great entrepreneurs and investors are both needed to achieve a great company. Till Capital aims at technology and business trend in the near 10-20 years. With strategic vision and the spirit of adventure, Till Capital is committed to discover and accompany those entrepreneurs who are interested in changing the world by new technology and innovative business model.

The investment philosophy of Till Capital is that only real excellent practitioners who stick to dreams could establish truly grand company. Till Capital makes every effort to follow the trend of technology & business, to return to the nature of business, and to help entrepreneurs improve product experience and solve consumer pain points. We seek after ambitious, high-value and pursuit the perfection.

What we believe is that Focus Leads Success.